Solar Store Project

Aug 7, 2012

The idea: Recently we were asked to carry out a bespoke project for TATA steel working in conjunction with the Welsh assembly government. The project consisted of using the sun’s rays to heat through the specially designed cladding of the TWI building in Port Talbot steel works,transferring the heat into a cavity and then using a specific fan to distribute the heat through a heat exchange. We would then connect specific pipe work to transfer the heat via water thorough a heat pump and a 20,000 litre tank and then onto 5no. fan coils to heat the building.

The purpose: TATA decided to carry out this project as a pilot/trail scheme to see if it works before commissioning the idea. This is used to lower the carbon footprint of the client and to prove that this system is productive and useful in this day, age and climate.

The outcome: Following the installation the system does produce most of the heat the building requires for comfort heating, monitoring is ongoing and over the next year we will see how efficient the system actually is, this is done by monitoring station with a BMS connection and stratification strings to measure air temperature, in-line water thermostats to measure the system temperatures and controls to actuate the hot water valves as necessary.

Riverside’s view: This project was a good exercise to see how alternative energy can be used and how efficient it would be on a system such as this. It was a learing curve for all involved including the designers, installers, comissioning agents to actually design and fit a system from scratch that would save on energy costs.

Client: TATA Special Projects

Value: £135,000