25.2 Pronoun and Antecedent Agreement Answers

Aug 2, 2023

Pronoun and antecedent agreement is a fundamental concept in the English language. Simply put, it refers to the relationship between a pronoun and the noun it is referring to – the antecedent. A pronoun must agree in number and gender with its antecedent to avoid any confusion or grammatical errors. In this article, we will present 25.2 pronoun and antecedent agreement answers to help improve your writing skills.

1. The girls are studying for their exams.

2. Each of the students has his or her own project to complete.

3. Neither of the candidates has submitted their resume yet.

4. Every parent must bring his or her child to the meeting.

5. Anyone who wants to attend the party may bring his or her own snacks.

6. Each of the boys had his own bike.

7. The soccer team played their best game yet.

8. Everyone needs to bring their own equipment to the game.

9. Neither of the dogs was able to find their bone.

10. The teacher gave each of her students their favorite candy.

11. The committee members were divided in their opinion.

12. Anyone who wants to participate must complete their registration form.

13. Each of the players has their own gear.

14. The family invited all of their neighbors to the BBQ.

15. The jury was unable to reach a verdict after several hours of deliberation.

16. Both of the twins have their own room.

17. None of the employees were satisfied with their work schedule.

18. The principal announced that everyone should bring their own lunch.

19. The volunteers were praised for their hard work.

20. Either of the singers will perform their hit songs.

21. The doctor gave both of the patients their medication.

22. The group members agreed on their next project.

23. Neither of the brothers could find their keys.

24. The students were disappointed when their field trip was canceled.

25. The couple bought matching shoes for their anniversary.

25.1. The company is not responsible for any damage caused by their products.

25.2. Each of the travelers must carry their own luggage.

Pronoun and antecedent agreement is essential for clear and effective communication. By practicing and reviewing these 25.2 examples, you can improve your writing skills and avoid common grammatical errors. Remember that a pronoun must agree in number and gender with its antecedent, and always check for agreement before submitting any written work.